BCM is Capturing Berkeley


Welcome to the Berkeley Community Media ShareItMobile site! Click HERE to Sign Up and become a BCMTV Citizen Journalist! This is an important time in the history of communications and community. We want to hear and see what's going on in your world and learn how we can connect and make a difference together.


What is the Berkeley Community MediaPhile Site?
The site is a place for people like you to share community experiences, including photos, videos and commentary. Once you're registered, you can begin posting photos, videos and information about the going's-on in your community. You can submit news and photos through the MediaPhile Android or iPhone apps or on this website. You - and users like you - can browse, search and filter user post and add your own comments and ratings, as well as share to Facebook, twitter and by email or text.

How do I change my role status?
After you register you'll be a "Novice." You will become a "Beginner" after you have submitted three reports that we review and publish. More than 30 submissions earns you the "Star" user role and your posts will no longer be reviewed by us before being published. Berkeley Community Media can change roles and rules to achieve status as needed.

Can I add a location or category?
Submissions are tagged with the location and category you select from our lists. If there's a category you'd like added. We will add new categories to accommodate late-breaking or popular topics and you can contact us by email to make suggestions. The Berkeley Community Media staff will also occasionally post "Assignments," asking you to post content on a specific topic or location - often we will have contests, so good luck!

Who review and/or edits submitted content?
The level of review is determined by Berkeley Community Media and can change from time-to-time. The system permits Berkeley Community Media to auto-publish for select contributors that we feel have "earned" that privilege by submitting topical, interesting, or highly rated content frequently.